About Us

I am so excited to begin offering wardrobe rentals for your photography & special event needs! There are sites that just offer girls clothes and sites that offer high end women’s rentals but I wanted to bring something together to meet the needs of both photographers looking to style shoots as well as mom’s wanting to dress themselves & their girls in gorgeous things that they don’t have to buy! After all, how often to we really wear those special occasion items we purchase for pictures & special events? And how quickly do these kids grow out of things? It is hard to spend $200 on a dress for your daughter when she will most likely only wear it once and if she decided to wear it again she will have outgrown it! I feel you…I have 4 kids and I have consistently sold things with tags still on them because the kids didn’t get around to wearing them and things worn once. It drives me nuts! I love to have beautiful things for special events and for pictures but I hate spending that money knowing that I won’t get my money’s worth; let’s face it, selling things these days is hard because everyone wants a deal! Not to mention who wants the hassle & who has the storage for that? And don’t get my started on all those gorgeous maternity gowns-seriously it is something that you wear for an hour for a photo shoot and won’t wear it for subsequent maternity pictures, am I right?!  That is why I created Olivia Grace Wardrobe Rentals. You probably want to know how it works right?