Frequently Asked Questions

**Under construction**


I am sure you have questions so I am compiling some of the most frequently asked questions here. If your question isn’t answered here please feel free to email me through the contact form (linked in the menu) at the top and I will get back with you within 24-48 hours (but please read thoroughly before doing so in case I have already answered your question here).

  • I need help! Do you offer styling consults?

Email me and we can set up a time to chat and we can discuss your needs & I or my assistant can assist you in putting an outfit together for you and/or your girls. Also, I can certainly set up a Skype consult with you to show you some of the items you are contemplating. Be advised not all items may be available in studio for the consult due to them being out on a reservation at that time.

  • What brand do you offer?

We are always adding new items as seasons change and new collections come out. At this time we have Dollcake Oh So Girlie, TuTu Du Monde, Joyfolie, Free People, Topan, and so many more!

  • Do you ship internationally?

At this time we are only shipping in the Contiguous US.

  • Do I get a shipping discount for ordering multiple items?

At this time I do not offer shipping discounts. We have the shipping costs at a bare minimum and based on weight so if we add more items, it adds more weight thus adds additional shipping costs for us.

  • Can I get my item sooner than the 3 day lead time?

Possibly. You may email me with the date you need it and your shipping address. I will get back with you after checking shipping times & rates. If it is possible I will send you the ship time & extra shipping quote for you to decide if you want to proceed.

  • How exactly does the rental period work?

The rentals are for 3 days (as stated below you can email for a quote & availability for additional days if needed). The day you receive your item does not count because delivery time of day may vary (but when you receive your package on this day this is when you should see if you need to do any un-wrinkling), the next day is Day 1 of your rental (the first full day you have the item) and that is the day I would use to try it on with your accessories and address any issues (pick out undergarments, etc.). Day 2 is the second full day you have your item and should be the day your event/session takes place, and Day 3 is the day you ship it back.

  • What if I decide I want to keep it longer?

Depending on the item and time of year I may be able to accommodate. Email me as soon as you know you need it longer and let me know the details and I can get a quote over to you. Please make sure you do this if it does not get shipped back on time as you will be charged $30 every day it is late being returned due to the fact that I must get the item ready for the next rental and it may jeopardize their reservation.

  • Will my item be ready to wear?

It should be ready to wear upon arrival but due to the fabric on some of the items and the shipping times sometimes it could arrive a tad wrinkled. If so please steam the items (not on the highest setting and avoid embellishments). If you do not own a steamer hang the item up in a small bathroom and turn the shower on the hottest setting, close the door and the wrinkles should fall out.

  • Do I wash my items before returning?

Nope! I will take care of that. No need to wash, I take care of it so I can handle with care. However if you stain it please put some club soda on it as soon as possible and allow to air dry before shipping.

  • What if I stain or rip the item (or goodness forbid lose)?

If you stain it please, as said above, add some club soda to it as soon as possible and allow to air dry. If the item rips or is otherwise damaged please email me as soon as possible so I can arrange for repair upon its return. If it is unrepairable you may be asked to pay for replacement. Due to the scarcity of some of the collections/brands that may be up to 150% of the initial retail value. It will be considered irreparable if the repair quote is more than half of the item’s retail value. You will be responsible for 75% of the repair if it can be repaired. If the item is lost (before you ship it back) you may be responsible for up to 200% of the retail value due to the time & effort it may take to find the item, the lost rental revenue, and the elevated pricing of some of the hard to find items.

  • What if the item does not fit?

On each item listing I make note if it runs big or small, etc. If you are unsure of sizing please go to my sizing page (HERE), find your brand, and measure to get the best size for your needs. Always air on the larger size (especially if the item runs small) because you can always clip the item for a better fit (without clipping the embellishments or damaging it of course). We are not responsible if an item does not fit; we provide all the information necessary to properly order.


Keep in mind, these are my babies and they are expensive pieces that I have taken time & energy to locate, list, & offer to you. Please treat them the same you would as if they were yours and you were trying to preserve them.


A few more things…if your item is late please email me immediately. If it arrives damaged please take pictures of the shipping box, materials, and items and email them to me immediately.


A few unpleasant things to take care of. If you live in a smoking household we can not cater to you at this time. If you live in a home with cats & dogs please make sure you clear the items of ALL hair before returning as I have an allergy 🙂